Starting hair routine over - 2c/3a, lo-po, med/fine width, med density

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Hi wavies!

I used to be a die-hard CG disciple after reading Lorraine Massey's book in - say, 2005/2006? I'd always had 3a/b/c (underneath) curls, typically fairly long or shoulder length. I had no clue about porosity or any of the other stuff that's discussed now on these boards, but my hair responded well to co-washing/ACV rinses/low poo occasionally. Probably did some DT's too but can't remember now... My styling routine was something like: recoil + cone-free gel (probably the cheapo stuff then, I was in grad school!), plop, diffuse. Gorge. Sometimes I switched up to using some of the JC products - confident coils and rockin ringlets I think. I look at old pics from those years and, damn, my hair looked awesome then!!

I've always HAD to color my hair - genetics gave me VERY early greying (started to get a streak in college, I'm 35 now and I'd say grey is at 25% now), but I've always tried to be as gentle as possible - no lifting, deposit only (but permanent, semi's don't cover grey) using 10vol developer. I was having to do my roots something like every 3-4 weeks so decided to add highlights to gradually lighten my color - hoping the grey will blend better. I did the 1st OLAPLEX balayage in Oct last year, just had my second round done yesterday and this time got the Olaplex no 3 take home treatment. SUPER impressed with the olaplex, btw.But my curl pattern has loosened some, especially in the last few years.

I kinda fell off the CG bandwagon several years ago - between work and really getting into running, I just felt overwhelmed by the amount of research it seemed to take to get a good routine for my hair NOW. Oh, and I have a pretty short stacked bob now (can't pull into a ponytail), which I LOVE, but want to start actively trying to get my hair super healthy again. I tossed all my cones (was using aveda be curly line the past few years - i think this actually weighed me down a lot), and have been using the loreal evercurl cleansing condish daily or almost daily (remember, running - can't do second day hair too often), a low-poo sometimes and tresseme naturals as a RO/cowash. I no longer plop (horrible with this cut), and have started using only a pea-sized amount of shea moisture leave-in, mixed with deva light gel. Diffuse.

In general I like this routine ok - the olaplex REALLY helped actually. But I'd love some rec's on DT's and maybe oils? Or do wavies and lo-po folks not do oils? By the end of the day my hair looks pretty parched at the ends, though I've got awesomely big hair still (thank God!). I feel like I really need to work at getting moisture into my hair (that low-po thing I've just learned about), but I'm always nervous about build-up/anything that might "loosen" my waves/curls. I'm also wondering if I even bother with a curl "cream" at this point (eg, recoil etc), or is my texture too loose for those products now?

Apologies for this long ass post! Basically I'm looking for whatever I can do (given that my hair will need to be "soaked" somehow almost daily b/c of my runs) to up my moisture content (my hair really lacks shine right now) and help to better define the curls I've got. I guess I'm wondering if wany/curly types have good results with some of the stuff that works well with tighter curls - cowashing, ACV, curl cremes, etc. To be honest, I look at curl mart and just feel overwhelmed... don't know where to start.

Thanks in advance :)


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