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Hello wonderful community!

I have a hair type that I am not sure what to do with. I've been reading articles and forums on on and off for years now. It is now that I decided to join as I have some questions I cannot seem to find answers to on other hair care sites and from other people. Before I get to those, here is a story of the hair that I've been given:

I have always had wavy hair, but from childhood until 2013 either my mom or I would brush it dry. Until August 2012 there were few times when I used any type of conditioner on the hair that I've been given. In January 2015 I switched to using sulfate-free shampoo, but as it was about arm pit length and I was growing it out (still am) I continued using silicone-containing conditioners.

In October 2015, I had a Deva cut and the stylist used the Deva line of products on me. I had the cut in the morning and then later in the day had to put the hair that I've been given up (I was helping prepare food for a party and it was getting hot in the kitchen). When I took the hair that I've been given, I noticed the waves I had after the hair cut were flat (hair was basically straight).

I know the hair that I've been given doesn't like protein (last time I used anything that protein in it was summer of 2014 and I still feel I have not reached the point of hair being overmoisturized), is medium to coarse in thickness of individual strands (we actually measured it using laser pointer and big measuring tape), and low-to-medium to medium porosity. At this point I am still growing it out (right now it is about BSL when not stretched and at my lower rib when stretched and it is wet) and I know that if I ever decide to cut, the shortest I would go would be collarbone length.

My current hair routine is: wash with sulfate-free shampoo every five/six days, follow up shampoo with silicone-free conditioner, as I get out of the shower put hair in a turbie twist towel, and after hair comes out of the towel put seven to ten pumps of silicone(cyclosilicones)-containing hair serum (I am trying it either until I use it up or I see it dries out the hair that I've been given); when hair is dry, detangle it thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb.

So, on to the questions I have:

1. Is the hair that I've been given not really wavy, if within a day of styling with products being put in the waves go flat with no manipulation other than putting hair up?
2. As I am growing out the hair that I have been given, I vary the hairstyle of the particular day a lot. I'll often do a French braid one day, English braid the next day, Dutch braid the third day, ponytail on the fourth day, and then back to braids on the fifth day (and then wash the hair that I've been given on the sixth day, but sometimes on the fifth day). When I had a consultation for a Deva cut, I went in with the hair that I've been given being product-free and I remember it was difficult to braid it without detangling first (keep in mind that I am used to detangling hair throughly before braiding and putting it into a ponytail). With the variety of hairstyles I like to do, would it be worth it going curly girl?
3. All of my previous tries with the curly girl method have been clarifying the hair that I've been given, using silicone-free conditioner, and then using gel (since I have not been able to find silicone-free mousse in stores, but the one time I used silicone-containing mousse in 2013/2014 I had waves be somewhat nice). Is the curly girl method even that could work for the hair that I have been given, or would it be not something I should try?

I know this is a long post and long story and the questions I have may not be easily answerable. Thank you to all who have read to this point. I would appreciate any help, suggestions, and ideas you may have. Thank you.

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