Curl pattern/texture change. Don't know how to deal!

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Hey all -

I used to be really active on this site several years back - 2005-7ish. I went full CG for a few years, modified some, but have since relied almost exclusively on cleansing conditioners and sulfate free poos. Here's my dilemma:

My curl pattern has loosened (I think) pretty dramatically in the last few years (I really noticed it after I turned 30, now 35), and I don't know how to style it anymore! I used to be primarily 3b, a little 3a just on top, and 3c underneath at the nape. I never really had to "work" for curl - it was more about combatting frizz than anything else.

Fast forward to today - I'd say my texture on top is 2c with 3a underneath. I've got it cut in a chin length bob now, b/c long it just looked to flat for me... Anyhow, I'm feeling super frustrated with how it's changed and am curious if there's any way to get my old curls back. I'm to the point where I'm considering a perm (something I thought I'd never do - a chemical texture treatment). I'm a runner, so I need to wash/cowash my hair most nights, so I don't care much about 2nd day hair etc.. But I HATE the fact that I have to use a curling iron AT ALL to fix some of the wonky/straighter pieces on top.

Another point to add - I've been coloring my hair for years (since college, regularly), b/c I started going grey SUPER early (like, in high school). I generally kept my coloring close to my natural shade (med coppery brown), using a 10 vol developer to minimize damage. But now I've got so much more grey (probably 30% at this point), I'm trying to go progressively lighter with olaplex highlights over my usual auburn shade. Did I ruin my curls with coloring? Is there anything I can do to restore the tighter texture, or am I stuck in this not-very-curly, but not-really-wavy limbo?

Would love any advice.


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    I'm trying to get my morning hair routine to be as low maintenance as possible. Since I run most afternoons/evenings, I don't want to waste time doing a bunch of heat styling when it's just going to be ruined when I run on an almost daily basis... I used to have great hair with plopping in the mornings (would do my makeup during the plop, the diffuse as the last step) when it was long, but with my hair this short it looks odd...

    I'm not sure about my porosity/density/etc, etc. I see that naturallycurly has become much more technical since I frequented this place!

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    Lightening your hair can change the curl pattern but so can a wide variety of things including hormone changes such as pregnancy and changing birth control, medical problems including nutrient deficiencies, medication itself and hair length changes.

    To help others help you state what your current regime is including products. It is also worth working out as much of your hair properties as possible as this is really helpful.
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    I've determined my hair is low-porosity (which kind of surprised me as I always thought colored hair would automatically be highly porous), fine, and (I'm not so sure on this one), medium density? My hair's too short to pull it all into a ponytail, so I could only look at it with my head up and saw a little scalp in the part.

    Just to clarify - I haven't actually "lightened" my hair at all since my first set of olaplex balayage several months ago. My previous coloring routine was as close to possible as my natural color, using a 10 vol developer (I have to used permanent though, if I want to cover my grey). My goal with the balayage is to gradually work up to something that makes it less shocking when my roots come out. Eventually I may stop coloring all together, but yeah, at 35 I'm not there yet...

    For the past few years, I've typically used Loreal Evercurl Cleansing Condish, occasional cowashes with tressume naturals, with the occasional sulfate poo to clarify. Im always concerned with product buildup. My stylers have been (until very recently) - Aveda be curly style prep + curl enhancer (cones, I know) + a silicone free gel (usually deva lightweight). Occasionally I'd try to go back to AG Re:Coil (which was awesome for me when my hair was curlier and longer), but it seems too weighty now. I've never had much luck with mousse - I WANT it to work, but it seems to just make my hair stringy and gross. I ALWAYS diffuse - with product in it would take a million years for my hair to air dry, plus I like the extra volume I get. Now I'm using the Shea Moisture leave-in (just a smidge) + deva light gel and maybe a touch of GF Pure Clean gel if I think I need a little extra hold. Since my hair is so short now, I've nixxed plopping and am just scrunching up with a microfiber towel.

    No birth control changes (i've been on the nuvaring for ages), no pregnancies, and no clue about thyroid - but I don't have any symptoms of a thyroid disorder.As for medications (kind of weird disclosing this, but there you go), I take two antidepressants (wellbutrin and nortryptline), but I've been on some combo or another of antidepressants since I was in high school.

    Apologies for the extra long post. But hope this clears up some things!


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    Not sure where my reply went. Lol.

    The only things I can think of are getting a haircut that uses layers to build body and to use protein treatments once a week to every two weeks. I would also check the wavy section for advice on haircuts. Coloring can loosen the curl pattern, like any other chemical process. With the right cut, you should be able to minimize styling time and still get the look you want.

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