Curl type confused ????????

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Hi my name's Conzuelo and I love that we curlies, coilies, and wavies have a page to go to for awesome info ❤
My hair was super, super damaged! Now I've been caring for it a little bit more and have accepted it ☺ but I need help figuring out whether it's a 2c or a 3a can someone help here's a pic down below, please help!
P.S~Some tips for healthier hair would help 💙


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    I think it looks like 3a, with lots of potential to become even curlier. That tends to happen to a lot of us on here, after taking good care of it, and not doing damage, plus learning techniques that are good for curls. When I first started actually treating my hair like it was curly, mine went from 2c/3a, to 3b.
    I'd suggest: staying away from silicones for at least a while, to see if your hair benefits from it.
    Using protein, since your hair is damaged, but also paying attention to the moisture balance as well. That is, if you are using protein treatments, deep condition or use a decent conditioner afterwards.
    Using a leave in conditioner, and a gel, try to keep it SIMPLE until you know all this crazy info! I love tresseme naturals conditioner as a rinse out and leave in, and LA Looks Sport (blue) gel. For shampoos/low poos, cowashes, its all up to you, but I realized that my scalp doesn't like cowashing, so I use a low poo with cocomidopropyl betaine as the cleansing agent.
    Recently I started making my own , very simple flax seed gel. I use that after a leave in, but before the hard hold LA Looks, and it works amazingly to define my curls and make them shiny..
    Also, I've had very good luck applying products to WET hair, right out of the shower. I also suggest not using real towels to dry your hair. It sounds hard, but its easy to get use to. I just keep a T-shirt in my bathroom, next to my towel. After showering, I put the T-shirt over my shoulders, tie it at the neck apply leave in and gels, make my part, and then scrunch my hair with the same T-shirt. It creates amazing curls, and doesn't frizz your hair. Then I scrunch in a small bit of gel , slowly and case some got taken off.
    These are some tips that have worked for me, and I hope that some of this can help you.... Oh yeah, my properties are 3a, medium density, lo-po at roots and normal porosity on the length, normal elasticity, length to lower back, recently dyed once in like 5 years...
    Ugh this is long, HTH

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