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Hello everyone!

I'm new both to the forums and to the CG method. I have wavy 2b/2c hair, and I'm about 1 week into CG-- I already love it! I'm still experimenting with what works best for second and third day hair, plus trying out new products, but I am already noticing more curls. I am a teacher who likes to use the school's weight room to work out before school, and I stumbled onto Curly Girl while trying to figure out how I can cut down time on my morning routine in the locker room before school. I read the entire "Curly Girl Handbook" before starting, plus numerous forums and YouTube videos :thumright:. (I really love The Polished Curl's videos!)

Currently, I am still learning about silicones and sulfates, so I'm sticking pretty much exclusively with DevaCurl products, though I do use the Garnier Pure and Clean Finishing Paste on 2nd day hair.

The best trick I have learned so far is that I like to plop my hair in a microfiber TurbieTowel immediately after the shower while I dry off and get dressed, which helps my hair have about the perfect amount of moisture to style.

I have attached a pic of my hair as of today (did it last night, let it dry, then pinappled without scrunching out product. This is as close to "first day" hair as I get during the school week!) I have an ombre color, which I love, but I'm thinking of switching to an angled bob soon to help fix a recent bad hair cut.

I look forward to getting to know all of you curlies and wavies!
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**Secret weapon: Plopping with micro fiber TurbieTowel directly out of the shower while I get dressed**


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    You have such pretty waves! I am a wavy too; I think my curl pattern is similar to yours. I like the ombre.

    It sounds like you've gotten a lot of good information so far. I like the Polished Curl too. :) Welcome to the board!
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