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GpatmonGpatmon Registered Users Posts: 6
Hey I'm a 27 year old male who has decided to go fully natural and curly. I'm about 9 months in (started with brushed waves) and don't know my curl type. My goal is to grow my hair as long as possible curly. I figured knowing my curl pattern would help me with researching what to do to grow my hair longer and healthier. Will post pic of my curls. Can anyone tell me my curl pattern?


  • GpatmonGpatmon Registered Users Posts: 6
    Another pic
  • belwillcoilybelwillcoily Registered Users Posts: 303 Curl Neophyte

    My guess is type 4 curls.
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  • GpatmonGpatmon Registered Users Posts: 6
    A,b, or c?
  • curlyannie80curlyannie80 Registered Users Posts: 334 Curl Neophyte
    To me, it looks like 4a, very nice, it looks like you have perfect little tiny ringlets everywhere :)

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  • Jessica.WileJessica.Wile Registered Users Posts: 74
    Based on the chart at Black Hair Media, you're 3c. I have the same tight corkscrew curls as you on the bottom third of my hair and lining the sides of my face. About the size of a pencil in width. No other chart I've seen specifically points out curls like ours, so I'm going with this. The top two-thirds of my hair is apparently 3b7. So I'm claiming 3b/3c, since no one else can give me a straight answer.

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  • GpatmonGpatmon Registered Users Posts: 6
    Lol thanks. Everyone asks me if I twist my hair haha
  • juanabjuanab Registered Users Posts: 4,037 Curl Neophyte
    Probably no one had answered because hair type is really not as important as hair properties (porosity, texture, elasticity). You can search for some old threads regarding it.

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