Got the best compliment on my graying hair!

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I figure you gals will appreciate this story, so I'll share...

I've never dyed my hair, it's a charming shade of mouse-brown and my grays come in big crazy streaks, mostly at my temples (think: Bride of Frankenstein when it's pulled back and frames my face and washes me out when it's down) and there's this horrible patch at the back of my head that behaves nothing like the rest of it (I have a severely mixed curl pattern to start with). So, I'm too cheap and lazy to dye it, and I don't always have love for it. :tongue5:

I was over at my church yesterday, and this lovely new receptionist that we have (whose silvers are stunning and naturally straight, she's really beautiful!) told me that she always loves to see my hair, loves the cut, the curls, and the color (!!). I've never, I mean never, had anyone say that the color of my hair was nice. So, she made my day.

It must have been a good hair day, my husband also mentioned last night that my hair looked good. I've been rocking kind of a wild look and not caring about it much, I wonder if that's the secret?? ;-)

Anyway, let your streaky grays grow in, fly that flag high! Someone out there thinks it's great even if we don't LOL
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    Great story!
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    What a lovely thing to hear!

    I can only dream of such compliments, the best I've had so far is "it'll probably look ok when it's all grown out", lol!
    3b in South Australia.

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