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Hey folks, I've started transitioning again...this is like my 4th time l always seem to give up and hit the flat iron. I would say I've been straighting my hair since I was 18 I'm now 28 eeesh. I'm determined to get my curls back its been so long I don't quite remember what my curl pattern was. My hair could go into ringlets. I remember that. Anyways my hair is super damaged my natural texture now is alittle wavy then straight limp hair. What can I do I deep conditioned yesterday with coconut oil for about 2hours then washed my hair. I need motivation to keep going I need some protective hairstyles hair is currently up in a clip at the moment. Oh I should say my hair currently has some layers in it I'm getting my haircut next week. I'm going to chop off as much as I dare. Any advice would be wonderful thanks!

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    Some things that helped me:

    - Hair doughnuts! I am physically incapable of putting my hair into a respectable bun without one of these amazing tools, especially now that my hair is super short. Hair doughnuts are so easy to use and give you a polished, elegant look in minutes.

    - Braids! If you don’t know how to do them, learn! Braids have saved my sanity time and time again. When my hair was still half-relaxed, half-heat damaged curls, I would often braid my hair into two Dutch braids and sleep in them, so I could wake up with braid waves. It would make the difference in texture in my hair waaaay less noticeable. Or, braid your hair and leave it braided! It’s hard to see the difference in texture when you have braided hair.

    (the two aforementioned are especially relevant for me because I am not black, and therefore would not feel comfortable styling my hair in box braids like I did as a child, so it becomes really important to find appropriate alternatives)

    - Hats. I got this from my brother. Often I would find the top of my head (which was sprouting natural curls) much more voluminous than my flat ends. It would look hella awkward. So I’d stick on a hat from the moment I woke up to the moment I got to work, and by the time I arrived the top of my hair had flattened nicely enough.

    - Baby jaw clips! For me these were so, so important, because when I tied my hair into a bun or braid or anything I’d have random pieces of straight hairs sticking up (even though my hair was not layered???), so I bought these tiny, tiny jaw clips in dark brown and black so they blended in with my hair color. I use them to tuck away large stray strands, and I much prefer them to bobby pins.
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    Transitioning since Jan 2016, from heat damage and Keratin treatment

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