How much paid time off do you get?

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For those of you who work full time, how many paid days off (including actual holidays) do you get?

I'm not really sure how my job stacks up to others in this regard, although I'm sure there is wide variance.

Right now I get 16 holiday days off a year, and every month I earn "approximately" one day of vacation. I would expect to have earned 5 days so far (actually going on 6 months) but for whatever reason it's just 4.
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  • CurlyCanadianCurlyCanadian Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 10,904 Curl Connoisseur
    15 vacation days, (we get a 5 day company trip where we don't use vacation time, so another 5 days there) and unlimited vacation time. No one takes advantage of that, so it's not counted.

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  • PerriPPerriP Registered Users Posts: 6,613 Curl Neophyte
    I get two weeks at Christmas and one week at spring break. In addition, I get 4 weeks in the summer. However, this isn't actually called vacation time as I have no say in when it is and my salary is just spread out over a year although I don't work a full 12 months.

    I get 2 weeks a year (I think it's 2 weeks) of personal/sick time that I can use but I cannot take more than 5 personal days a year (even if I have the hours, after 5 days they dock your pay).

    When my position changes and I become a 12 month employee I will get the 2 weeks at Christmas and 1 week at spring break in addition to 2-3 weeks of vacation (but I don't know if there are personal /sick days on top of that)

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  • JosephineJosephine Registered Users Posts: 14,408 Curl Connoisseur
    15 days PTO, includes sick time which rolls over, 2 floating holidays, does not rollover, 6 holidays(New Years day, mem day, July 4th, labor day, thanksgiving, christmas).

    Total 23 days. Well this is my last job that ended last week. My next job is pretty much the same.

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    I don't actually work full time but if I did it would be the same. We get four weeks a year working nights, if I worked days I would get six weeks, as on day duty it's a rotating roster whereas night duty is set. Obviously we don't get the public holidays off, but if there's a public holiday within any annual leave we take (even if it's not a rostered night for us) we get that back in hours. Make sense?! Our sick/carers leave just accrues, I have no idea how that builds up but at the last count I had over 700 hours, I only work 38 a fortnight so it's a fair few weeks! We also get long service leave, which I think is six weeks, after 10 years working in the same place. I'm now up to 24 years and don't know why I haven't had another six weeks but maybe that's not how it works, clueless here!
    All this is probably entirely irrelevant to you with my being elsewhere!
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    We get a lot of vacation at my job. I'd say maybe around 15 days for holidays and 2 vacation days a month. We can accumulate 52 days of vacation before we start to lose it. Some people in my office were forced to use their vacation. I wish I had that problem. We also get 1 day sick every month.
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  • Corrina777Corrina777 Registered Users Posts: 3,204 Curl Connoisseur
    We don't have designated holiday/sick/vacation time. We get a lump sum that we can use however we choose (except for the 7 official holidays that we get). As a manager, I earn a total of 40 days off a year, which is great, especially since I rarely call out sick. We also get a long term illness bank that's totally separate, which allowed me to go out for both of my back surgeries at full pay without taking any time from my regular PTO bank.
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  • PerriPPerriP Registered Users Posts: 6,613 Curl Neophyte
    We have a long term sickness bank, too. To be part of it, you have to give one day to the bank. Then, if you have a qualifying illness and after you've exhausted all of your leave banks, you can be given up to 30 days.

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  • spiderlashes5000spiderlashes5000 Registered Users Posts: 17,898 Curl Virtuoso
    At my level of service I get 5 wks vacation, 3 wks sick time, 1 wk personal time and 10 holidays off a year. We can also earn comp time (time or time and a half). If I stay another four years, I will start to earn more. All except for 32 hrs of the time can roll over from one year to the next. The maximum vacation time we can accumulate is 650 hrs (or 680??). There is no limit on sick time or comp time. Twelve wks for maternity leave that we can supplement with our own earned time.

    We can donate time to other ppl for qualifying illness; they needn't have donated anything to receive time donated by others.

  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    all of us get 6 sick days a year, 3 discretionary days and all statutory holidays in my province - 12 days.

    i have 20 vacation days at present and we are able to carry over a full year.

    we cannot carry over sick days or discretionary days.
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  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    one thing i wanted to mention....

    even though CC and i live in the same province in Canada, we don't get the same gov't holidays off work. Family Day in February, Easter Monday and Remembrance Day (Nov. 11th) are not automatically holidays for everyone. for example, the federal gov't doesn't recognize the February holiday and not every province has it.

    Québec has an extra day in June and not every province has a holiday the first Monday in August (that i call my birthday holiday).

    how's THAT for confusing???

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  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 20,730 Curl Virtuoso
    I only work 30 hours a week but I get full benefits. I am paid a salary so my days off are always paid. I don't have a set number of days I take off. I have been with the same boss for almost 29 years so it's pretty relaxed. I just tell him when I'm taking a day off for whatever reason and put it on the calendar. The whole having a certain number of days off for certain things seems weird to me (and thankfully to my boss). Whether I'm going to the doctor or to the beach should be of no concern. We are closed for all the major holidays and some Jewish holidays and sometimes we close early the days before Christmas and New Years. All together I probably take off 35-40 days a year. If I needed more I could take them without it changing my pay.
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    Dang. That's a great arrangement.
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  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
    20 vacation
    1 Personal
    10 Holidays

    Dang, I need more vacation time, LOL. I did manage to take 2-10 day long vacations. I just had to plan around the holidays to make it easier
  • JosephineJosephine Registered Users Posts: 14,408 Curl Connoisseur
    Wow most of you get a lot of time off!! I've usually seen maybe a week more than what I currently get which is 28 days. But I don't have seniority. Definitely haven't found a place that's good enough for long term yet.

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  • curlyprincess1curlyprincess1 Registered Users Posts: 468
    Hubby would not take it because he says he has too much work to do. Is entitle to 20 days [including 3 extra from last year; how so kind of the company.] And then the equivalent of 12+ days of holiday. However, this year will be grander due to the holidays of Thanksgiving and X-mas falling on the weekend. I told him to prepare early. However, I'm sure he won't and it's a shame! Advice has been given to him to not sacrifice days to the company, but I'm sure he won't listen.

    One more thing; it makes me sad that in the past there was rollover of sick days. That is no longer the case this day and time. Hubby never uses sick days. So, as a result, he loses them.
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  • TRBLTRBL Registered Users Posts: 5,294 Curl Connoisseur
    I get:
    16 days of PTO (combo vacation/sick)
    2 floating holidays
    9 company holidays (including some of the more uncommon, such as MLK Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday)

    We can only carry over 40 hours of pto a year, and can't carry over the floating holidays.

    At my 5 year anniversary I'd go up to 21 days of PTO, and at 10 years 26 days.
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  • PigletPiglet Registered Users Posts: 1,451 Curl Neophyte
    Including bank holidays, I get 35 days off a year. On top of that, I can work overtime to accrue extra days off. I also get a lot of paid sick leave, but if you call in sick too much, questions are asked.
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  • FlemishCurvesFlemishCurves Registered Users Posts: 52
    20 days paid vacation days and 12 official paid holidays. Sick days are unlimited, provided you can prove you were sick.

    I also work 40hrs/week but get paid for 38hrs, which gives me 1 day/month extra 'paid' time off.
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  • curlyarcacurlyarca Registered Users Posts: 8,449 Curl Connoisseur
    We can carryover up to 30 days a year. This happened to me for the first time (in 4 years) this January. So with that, plus projected leave earned, I will have ~43.5 days for this calendar year. I have been saving my leave for a long holiday, but this year I am required to use up whatever exceeds 30 days.

    We get the 10 federal holidays.

    Sick leave is in an entirely separate pot, and you can carryover unlimited amounts. It's accrued at 4 hours per pay period. I have so much sick leave it's kind of ridiculous. I rarely get sick, and when I do, it's usually a day or two or just a mental health day. I sometimes use it for medical and dental appointments since I we're allowed to do so. But even then, I usually schedule many appointments on one day. I wish we could donate it. We are allowed to donate annual leave, but I have never been in a position where I'd consider it until this year.

    I work my 40 hour weeks in 9 instead of 10 business days. So I have one day off every pay period automatically.

    I really have no complaints about my job and leave. I realize I'm pretty fortunate. The longer you stay on, the more leave you earn. You start earning 4 hours of annual leave a pay period. After three years, you earn 6 hours per pay period. After 10 or 15 years (can't remember which) you earn 8 hours per pay period. So you can see how the leave can add up quickly.

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