After research and new products, still at a loss!

Let me first say, I want to love my hair. I really do. I would say I'm a 3A, at least somewhere in the 3's. For years, I straightened my hair with perms but, after having so much damage, I attempted to transition many times.

My hair is back to natural now. At this point, I think I could like my curl pattern, but my frizz is out of control. I mean, it's so bad that I can't ever wear my hair down, and it is frizzy right out of the shower. After lots of reading here, I tried the baking soda/ACV rinse two different times but to no avail. I read that there can be other build-up and to try Neutrogena T-Gel, which I did. I have stopped using towels, rinsing with cold water, used only wide-tooth combs in the shower, put products in very wet hair, tried only air-drying, and nothing helps. My hair isn't dry- anyone who cuts it says how moisturized and healthy it is.

I've tried just doing Deva No Poo and gel. Then I read about someone else's routine and tried using Curly Solutions Treatment Shampoo, Regis Olive Oil Conditioner (and Suave Coconut Conditioner), Curly Solutions Curl Keeper, Biotera Gel, AG:Recoil, KCKT, ,KCCC, LA Looks Gel (not all at one time, of course)

So....what can I do? I'm so frustrated I'm considering straightening again, which honestly isn't what I want to do. I'm just tired of NEVER being able to wear my hair down.

Any ideas? Any specific product recommendations to stop the frizz?


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    have you thought about having a hair analysis? it will tell what your hair properties are (texture, porosity, elasticity) and you can also go extra and get a list of ingredients that your hair would like.
    it isn't magic but it definitely points you in the right direction as far as products go and you just fine tune it. goosefoot prints is the one a lot of people use, she is on etsy. just google her.
    have you read The Curly Girl book, by loraine massey, 2009 edition? it is the primer for curly hair. inexpensive, $10 or less, depending on where you purchase it, you might even get it out of your library.

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    Have you tried an oil prepoo? Sometimes if your hair is frizzy and nothing helps, that will do the trick. Take a little oil (coconut oil or sunflower oil is great) and rub it along your hair shaft several hours before you wash. The oil should penetrate the hair shaft and help moisturize the hair, preventing frizz. Then you wash it out with your regular (sulfate-free) shampoo. You don't often need that much oil, just a few drops.

    It's possible that your hair is reacting to something in your products. I know that glycerin can be a culprit for many of us. Have you tried not using any styler at all, just to see if the frizz improves?
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    I have also been battling with frizz, and have been doing similar research. I have found that curl pattern is not enough information. I need to find products that work for people that have similar porosity, density, texture and live in a similar climate. If you find someone with all the same hair attributes but you hair twin lives in Florida, and you are in Arizona you will need different products. I believe that porosity and texture are more important than curl pattern. This article was helpful:

    I Found My (Surprising) Estranged Hair Twin

    Also check the frizz forecast (here on Naturally Curly), it is possible for a routine/product to work one day and not another due to the weather.

    I was also told I had healthy hair at my last cut in November. I do not use dryers or flat irons, but I believe my hair is high porosity, due to damage from chlorine. I have been doing protein treatments and coconut oil pre poos. I have also realized that I need more moisture than I had originally thought, and I must seal in that moisture.

    I have also realized that technique is also important. If you have the right products, but don't use them correctly, it can also lead to frizz.

    Stretched styles have also helped with the frizz, I have also started using a satin pillow case and a humidifier.

    I have also found RockyNCurls to have a helpful website she categorized products by porosity, curl pattern and density.

    Sorry I couldn't help with specific products but I hope that I have helped you with your research, and realize that you are not alone in your battle with frizz.
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