Low Porosity, but high density?!

twistedcurlyfrytwistedcurlyfry Posts: 6Registered Users
what kind of products do I use for that combo? ugh so confused. I think I have between 4B and 4C hair but I'm really unsure. My hair is low porosity, but dense from what I see. I know that Low porosity hair needs lighter products but I've read that high density needs heavier ones... I am lost now. Just bought a couple products from CURLS and don't know if they're a good match for my hair type... HELP


  • GlamourstruckkGlamourstruckk Posts: 312Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Use what works! Just be sure to properly cleanse your hair to reduce/prevent buildup and deep condition/steam with heat to raise your hair's cuticles to receive your deep conditioner. Rinse with warm water to keep the cuticle raised for your leave-ins.


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    4b/Density:iii/Strands:Fine, MBL
  • twistedcurlyfrytwistedcurlyfry Posts: 6Registered Users
    thank you, I'm experimenting. Finding some new things that I think are good (: Such an interesting journey; frustrated at times, but honestly I love it.

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