Any Wavy's Do Finger Combing then a Shake?

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Since I got my cut from at shoulder length to below collar length my waves are bouncier. Since I like the free flow wavy look I've been finger combing my hair. It gets almost straight then I shake my head and give my hair ONE scrunch and let it fall where it wants too. Result is free flowing wavy hair where during the day I can run my fingers through it.

This morning was a wash day. Washed with Giovanni Tea shampoo, conditioner hair with Giovanni Tea conditioner and rinsed all out. Tee shirt dried my hair a bit then finger combed Giovanni Direct Leave. When I applied the Direct Leave I literally finger combed my hair straight back. Then I gave my head a quick shake and my hair fell. Then I finger combed 2 drops of pure olive oil from mid length to ends and whatever was left smoothed on my crown. Then I finger combed my hair was almost straight to get product worked in. Stayed away from my crown. Then gave my head a quick shake and my hair ONE quick scrunch and let it fall where it wanted to fall and let it air dry.

Love this technique. Looks like it takes long but it takes like 3 minutes from adding leave in to olive oil. Also it gives me a more natural look and I can like that I can run my fingers through my hair through out the day and don't have to worry about the what curly's say 'don't tough your hair.

2nd-3rd day I refresh by 1st spritzing hair with water from spray bottle. Then I apply a small amount of Giovanni direct leave in and finger comb it in. My hair is almost straight. Then shake my head. Then I apply a smaller amount of olive oil then finger comb from mid length to ends, my hair almost straight . Then shake my head again and give my Hair ONE quick scrunch and that it.


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