Haircut question?

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Okay so I have 2c/3a hair. I've gotten 2 Deva Cuts but haven't noticed any sort of drastic difference between a normal, wet cut and a Deva Cut. I'm broke and don't have any money to spare for even an inexpensive haircut. I probably straighten my hair once a year, if that, and right now my hair is straight. My layers are very easily distinguishable when straight- I could easily grab the top layer and cut an inch or so, then the second layer an inch, then the bottom an inch, like that. I wouldn't be dramatically re-shaping, just trimming the existing shape/ layers. Is cutting my hair when straight a horrible idea?
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    I wouldn't just because your hair lays differently naturally on your head when it's straight. However, if you buy Lorraine Massey's The Curly Girl Handbook, she has some great tips on how to cut your own hair. I, myself, prefer the Ouidad cuts, but those are spendy, too. Check out the book though. It's got a lot of good tips!
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    I've gotten wet cuts and Deva cuts and it seems the wet cuts are better. I've told the stylist not to mess with my wave pattern.

    I'm a bonafied wavy and I think it doesn't matter between a wet or Deva cut as long as the stylist knows not to mess with your waves.
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    I don't see a harm in dusting minuscule amounts of hair off your own ends, but if you want something anymore than say, a quarter of an inch, I'd go find a stylist to give you a wet trim. You can ask around and see who could give you a decent trim for a decent price. If you can't afford a trim now, I'd wait until you can. I speak from experience as tried trimming my own hair to save money and ended up hating it. It would have been better off letting it go longer until I could afford a trim rather than just trying to DIY it. You might have better luck trimming your own hair than I did, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth the risk. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
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