Tell me if this is a bad idea... ASAP

Okay so I have 2c/3a hair. I've gotten 2 Deva Cuts but haven't noticed any sort of drastic difference between a normal, wet cut and a Deva Cut. I'm broke and don't have any money to spare for even an inexpensive haircut. I probably straighten my hair once a year, if that, and right now my hair is straight. My layers are very easily distinguishable when straight- I could easily grab the top layer and cut an inch or so, then the second layer an inch, then the bottom an inch, like that. I wouldn't be dramatically re-shaping, just trimming the existing shape/ layers. Is cutting my hair when straight a horrible idea?
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    I don't think I'd be brave enough, it seems to me that you may end up with layers that are too blunt and may not sit right when curly.
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    Horrible idea. Cutting straight doesn't account for shrinkage, especially since you wear your hair curly most of the time.

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    I only trim my own hair, never cut. The times I have cut it I've had to go in to have it fixed or style it differently until it's grown out.
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    I have had my hair cut dry, Deva style, and wet. The wet cut is perfectly fine.
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    I think you can cut your own hair. I've done if numerous times over the years. I can send you video links as well. There are not many sources online for curly hair, but there are definitely some.

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    I always cut my own hair, usually wet, and I do that thing where you leave a portion at the nape of your neck- out, so it won't be too sparse. Then I take the rest of it, bring all of it up and forward, that creates all the layers. And I very carefully, cut all of the hair evenly. I've also cut it like that, but holding the hair straight up, creating less dramatic layering. As long as you are super careful it works great. I suggest looking at YouTube videos, that's how I learned.

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