Help with styling product for an LP nooby

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Hello all,

I'm very new, though I've been doing a little bit of lurking. So any mistakes/repeated ad-nausium questions are absolutely unintentional and I beg your forgiveness. :)

So I just learned about this hair porosity thing a day or two ago, and it goes a long way towards explaining things. But I'm still a little confused, and would appreciate product guidance/routine suggestions. I just very recently started doing anything more than "shampoo condition towel-dry and comb", so I'm new to the game, and could use the advice from you wise people.

I just picked up the KC Come Clean shampoo, because I get bad flakes on my scalp, and product makes my hair feel really dirty really fast. With sulfates it takes my hair days before it starts feeling dirty, but I tried cowashing and it was awful; my hair felt disgusting, even if it looked okay. So I'm gonna be using that clarifying shampoo, and a shea moisture Yucca anti-break conditioner to restore moisture. I also use the KC Knot Today, which I love, but which also makes my hair feel a little gross after a while if I don't use just the right amount.

People here keep advising doing a leave-in, and topping it with some sort of styling cream. But I'd like to know what LP people recommend, since even with just the leave-in my hair tends to feel a bit greasy, even if it's not flat.

I have low porosity, high density fine hair, which has no problem with volume, but which seems to break if you look at it the wrong way, and which manages to be simultaneously greasy and dry/frizzy at the same time. So I'd like something that defined my hair, which is...2C/3A? but which didn't make it feel gunky. I can handle crunchy, but not sticky; it grosses me out. I'm a nervous hair-toucher (I know I know don't do it), and I don't want to be feeling a bunch of crap in my hair.

Sorry that that was a really long message to say not much, so, TL;DR: need styling products that don't make me feel like a grease ball. HALP.

Thanks for any advice. :)


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    My hair used to be super lo po due to henna. One of the only products my hair has ever been able to handle, at any porosity, is my homemade gelatin hair gel. I notice you have fine hair; mine is also fine, and fine hair tends to crave protein, which the gelatin has. It needs to be refrigerated, and then melted when you want to use it. It defines my hair quite nicely. Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic tends to be light and is like a jelly. Not tremendous hold but does help define and moisturize hair. Sometimes I use mousse. I like LIving Proof mousse over my gel to help push up my pattern a bit, but it's heavy and I only use it on my ends.
    My favorite leave in is Spiral Solutions Protein Treatment. Sadly, not currently in business. But the protein in there helps counteract the weighed-downess and flatness other leave ins give it. Mineral Fusion Volumizing is also more on the lightweight side. Also, using the squish to condish method has really helped me:
    Squish to Condish - There once was a curl - by Melissa Stites
    Squeezing out the excess water when the conditioner is in my hair really helps prevent it from getting that weighed down flat greasy look. Or, even (depending on the weather) just noodling in the conditioner and washing it completely out will give it the feel of a leave in without the heaviness of the leave in.
    Another one of my fav ways to get moisture in my hair is to do some type of natural treatment or leave in. Sometimes I'll use Irish Moss water (water with some irish moss in it) and protein to help moisturize and define my hair. A fenugreek treatment (either the powder mixed with water or soaking and blending the seeds) will leave my hair very moisturized, but since you rinse it out it's like a lightweight leave in.

    Super baby fine hair, low porosity
    Shampoos: SM Fruit Fusion (mostly), Avalon lemon (to clarify). Occasional aloe vera and glycerin to wash.
    Stylers: Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hairspray
    Treatments: Catnip tea, IA girl's PT, Fermented Rice Water, Catnip Tea, Amla tea, Irish Moss, SS PT

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