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Hi all,

I used to have 2c/3a hair. I had anorexia for three-ish years 2011-2013 and that dramatically changed my hair - thinner (but still very thick) and less curly. Guessing around 2b/sometimes 2c (in the summer definitely) and if I brush my hair, it is not curly AT ALL! Just wavy and frizzy.

I'm starting modified curly girl. On friday, I did my last sulfate wash and then cowashed with shea moisture coconut and hibiscus cleansing conditioner. I cowashed yesterday again. Friday my hair was pretty great. Yesterday, it started out great, but I lost my hair's body by about 5 or 6 pm and now it feels limp and oily. I'll take a shower around 12 today. Should I cowash again? I also have OGX sulfate free shampoo. Should I do that? It feels limp and oily. I'm not clear on how often I should low-poo. Also, I run long-distance 6 days a week (sometimes 7!) and feel pretty gross afterwards.



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    Hi, my advice for you is that a lot of wavies and even curlies, myself included, can't cowash because it leaves us with oily, limp hair. Especially with you running and of course sweating a lot, I'd definitely stick with a low poo. I use low poos only, because for about 5-6 months, when I first started CG, 3 years ago, I exclusively cowashed, and it was OK...but it didn't feel as clean and bouncy as it does with low poos...I'll never go back to cowashing because of that. Right now, I'm using Renpure Coconut Cream shampoo and I absolutely love it. It never strips my hair, cleans very well, lathers. My hair is extremely healthy. HTH

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    Thanks for the reply! I cowashed again with shea moisture and will see how it turns out. I'm trying to be patient with this - right now, I don't have a job that needs my hair to look good every day, but I'm hoping to get a routine down by the time I have to teach a course in the summer term.
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    Sheamoisture has a lot of oils and butters. If you have fine hair (thin individual strands), I'm not surprised it feels weighed down and oily. Many fine haired people also find that it builds up on them, requiring a clarifying shampoo. You may have better luck with a different cowash.

    Also keep in mind that it can take up to 4 weeks for hair and scalp to fully acclimate to CG. There can be a greasy period in the beginning. Some find they can't exclusively cowash and need to incorporate at least an occasional low poo. If you have hard water, it makes it harder to exclusively cowash because the minerals in the water build up on hair unless removed.

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    I think I have fine hair. Do you have a recommendation other than Shea Moisture?
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    I like SM, but their FF weightless shampoo. The others tend to be heavy. That one is the best I've used thus far. There's also Trader Joe's Tea Tree shampoo.

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    naturecat wrote: »
    I like SM, but their FF weightless shampoo. The others tend to be heavy. That one is the best I've used thus far. There's also Trader Joe's Tea Tree shampoo.

    I second the SM Fruit Fusion weightless shampoo.
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    I alternate between cowashing and lo-pooing every other wash. I can't use heavy products either or exclusively cowash, my hair really gets weighted down.

    My sulfate free shampoo of choice is Whole Foods' 365 (fragrance free or lavender for normal/dry hair) but you have to like protein to like it (if your hair is feeling like straw afterwards, it might be the protein, juts take it back in that case). Not heavy at all and cleans hair and scalp really well, a bonus if you are working out a lot. Plus it's really inexpensive!

    Trader Joe's Tea Tree is a solid choice, a dupe of Giovanni's Tea Tree. I'm personally not fond of the surfactant in the TJ version (I find the sulfonate a little drying, might not be a problem for you if your hair is naturally oily) but the Giovanni doesn't have that ingredient.

    As mentioned before you will go through a transition period, so starting cheap(er) will allow you to adjust to the method, adjust products as needed, and not feel like you're breaking the bank :)

    Good luck!
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    I have the same problem; I can't cowash. I tried and it was okay for the first few days, but my hair turned into an oily mess, and I couldn't use product at all because my hair was bearly coping with the oil from the cleanser.

    I also have fine hair, though mine is insanely fluffy and fairly curly. I'm attempting to low-poo, using a clarifying shampoo and a heavier conditioner. We'll see how it goes. I hope you find the right stuff soon. :)

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