Highlighting over 2 demi full hair dyes

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Hello - I moved to a new city 6 months ago and I have had a VERY rough time finding a stylist I like. Typically I test them out with a hair color appt before I have them cut (I haven't found someone to cut my hair yet).

I went to a salon last week and asked for demi-permanent balayage highlights. For some reason, she did a full hair color. It was demi, so I didn't completely panic, but after a few days I wasn't happy with the color. She added too much red that was turning brassy (my natural color is a light brown). I went back today (about 6 days later) and asked her to put a light brown over the red. Now my hair is one color with no highlights.

I'm traveling home for the holidays and can try to squeeze in my beloved stylist if I need to. Question is - can I ask her to add in a few highlights so I have dimension? Or have I damaged it too much by doing 2 full hair dyes, even though it was demi permanent?

Type 2C, 3A hair. Fine hair but a lot.

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