4b/4c natural hair that stays straight with minimal reversion?

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I have been natural for almost 4 years now. I've been wearing full weaves to grow my hair. I want to stop wearing weaves and wear my hair out.

What I'm wondering is if it is possible to keep your hair straight and still be natural even if you live an active lifestyle where you workout 5 days of the week?

I cannot get relaxers because I have sebhorric dermatitis and they irritate my scalp but I like my hair straight. My stylist has told me we could try heat training my hair. My hair is currently 4b/4c. Her hair(stylist) has been heat trained and it's mid back and looks so healthy and shiney and nice. However when she washes it, it does not get curly, it gets semi wavy but that's it. I'm not sure how often she applies heat to it. I do know that she mainly wears her hair wrapped or in silk scarves to ensure that it lays flat at all times and that is what she says has contributed a lot to her hair staying straight. It does get a little frizzy and puffy when humid but nowhere near to the point of straight up reversion. It is obviously probably heat damaged. A lot of the stylists at this salon have long natural straight hair that no longer reverts. I'm guessing they all have heat damaged hair but are able to retain the long length.
I realize that not everyone has the same type of hair but this would be how I would like for my hair to be.
My question is has anyone managed to get 4b/4c hair to be like that heat trained without it resulting in severe damage. Ideally I would want to put heat on it once a week, and keep it wrapped, but I don't know if it is feasible. I get the feeling from my stylist that she has never attempted heat training with someone with my hair texture because she is often puzzled by how coarse my roots are and the dry scalp I get, yet says that once it's washed conditioned that my hair is so easy to flat iron. She says she's dealt with types where this was not the case and their hair was extremely hard to manage let alone flat iron because of how coarse the hair was. That lets me know that my hair wouldn't be as difficult to train but I worry that my results would not be like hers or her other clients because she has never heat trained someone with my hair.

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