Alternatives to Curl Enhancing Smoothie? Protein questions?

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My hair doesn't seem to get bothered by the Giovanni Leave-In for some reason (at least yet), so I thought that maybe my hair could handle some light proteins if I didn't use any other protein products and that it liked silk protein.

I didn't get too bothered by the Curl and Shine conditioner by SM, but if I left it in my hair than I'd get super crunchy hair. That seemed to be the only thing that didn't really cause me any strong protein feelings. I thought it was okay with silk protein in general, but the Smoothie is causing me protein problems.

When I use a little amount of the Smoothie to refresh (which is what I've been doing lately), I still get some crunchiness. If I use it to style, my hair gets super crunchy (which is why I stopped using it for styling).

I still have quite a bit of Smoothie left. If I use the Smoothie to refresh my curls (with Giovanni Leave-In) than I get a crunchy feel like my hair is really snap (like Eco).

I guess -- from what I understand -- my hair can handle light proteins without objecting too harshly. Or maybe: the protein sensitivity symptoms aren't as strong in lighter products?

I'm currently using Daily Fix (which I thought was free of protein) but it didn't make my hair hard at all. I stopped using the Curl and Shine Shampoo (besides the build-up on my hair and scalp issues): it was making my hair feel very crunchy.

Since finally learning out that coarse hair is protein sensitive (I've been CG for 6 months), it has definitely made things make more sense for me! I figured it out because of Eco Styler Gel.

I recently bought the Eden Bodyworks 'Coconut Shea Curl Defining Crème' on Curlmart because I heard some good things in hopes that it could be a dupe or a better alternative (hopefully).

Are there any other dupes or alternatives you guys use in your routine?
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