Title change and then personality change...

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Has anyone here had an experience with a coworker who received a promotion and then they were not so nice anymore, There are other words I could use but I won't. This coworker has a lot more work now and treats me horribly but I have nobody in my corner and she has more authority than I have now. If you have had such an experience with a coworker how did you deal with it? How could a job change make someone seem to lose their humanity?


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    I guess I would need an example of treating you horribly.

    I will say that I've been in situations where I've received a promotion and the following types of things have happened:

    1. I have too much work to worry about anyone else and what they think of me
    2. I've been handed things that I'm expected to say/hold staff accountable for
    3. I've found out a lay off is coming and people who I worked hand in hand with/go out to dinner with would be losing their jobs and not allowed to speak about it because of confidentiality issues
    4. new supervisor doesn't "agree" with fraternization and advises against it

    there's a lot of things it could be - what exactly is the person doing
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    This persons ignores my emails and when she does answer them she often has a bad attitude, Also, she and her boss are doing everything to make her job easier no matter how negatively it affects my ability to do my job.. She also never allows my side of the story be heard and convinces her bosses to take her side and I am losing sales and money. This person used to be very different and would look out for me and my interests in the past:(
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    is there an H uman Resources/HR person could mention concerns too?

    i feel sad your having to deal with that :( .
    if you have saved copy of where have tried to do tasks told to, it might help .

    my line of work doesn't have an HR dep. so i save everything.
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    That is tough. I'm sorry.
    In all cases dealing with crappy work situations, I say document everything. Requests, email for clarification on things you need help with, I always email my boss finished products because she takes weeks to look at them and I want the email trail of when it was sent and when she replied.

    ~ sent with love and good intentions ~
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    Yes, it happened to me. Then there was a mix-up and the person in question would not straighten it out with the boss for fear of making waves, even though a BIG mistake had been made. I lost a lot of respect for her at that point. And now......I'm not sure where she is!
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    Thanks for your responses everyone. I have been documenting everything,
    Unfortunately HR is no help where I work. Basically with the little help that is available to me at work I must pick my battles very carefully.
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    Ugh. I understand that.
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    I never experienced that exact situation. But I did once suddenly get a new supervisor who was horribly unsupportive, nasty and defensive. She also appeared to do no work of her own, only delegate.

    It turns out she was completely out of her depth in the position, not qualified and terrified the director would realize that. And eventually everyone realized it.

    Ppl who aren't confident in their abilities or place in the org, tend to demonstrate that cornered rat type of behavior...even when they aren't cornered.

    Or if the supervisor is less credentialed/educated/knowledgeable about something?:angry7:

    hmmmmm come to think of it, I have observed this, and similar variations, quite a few times.

    See it for what it is; don't take it too personally.

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