Moving sale!

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I am moving soon...

I will not probably be online sell anything for a while after moving

I have a lot of makeups bh cosmetic san franc. eyeshadows and blushers $16, used a little . It is very filling (none finger smudging)

Bh cosmetic bh party girl palette $16, brand new

E.L.F sample eyeshadow in bronze /brown tan used ..$1

Ben nye powder $20

Makeup blusher brushes (two new) brow/lash grooming brushes (three new) other... in picture

Sneakers (varties price , which one do u want?)

blushers (just tell me what colr u wish)
more to come...

Anything may be combined, i will give you lowered price at the best and cheapest shipping. Any problem or need ask question...pls comment here so other ppl can read the answer to same question they might have. Or you can pm me if you want to. Blessing Day to u!

hairproducts:Eden organic apple cider vingear (3 of them) new $10

none swap

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