Any Oily 2s Using Water Only or CO?

blissingblissing Registered Users Posts: 7
I keep wanting to lessen the amount of products I use and dollars spent for them.

I've been reading of people transitioning to water only for their hair, but with fine, oily hair I don't know if I could stand the transition, or even if it would work.

Has anyone tried this?



  • blissingblissing Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thanks, claudine191, guess I need to budget for the products then!
  • machermacher Registered Users Posts: 1,031 Curl Connoisseur
    Water only working for me so far with a LITTLE bit of leave in.
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    How long have you been doing water only? It takes almost 2 months for the scalp to re-calibrate itself.

    Water only leaves my hair oily. I use low-poo twice a week now and the routine works well for me. You could always go the baking soda and apple cider vinegar route if you want to save money. I did it several years ago when first introduced to no-poo and did get great results eventually in terms of my curls (almost ZERO frizz and unbelievable curl clumps), but I still found I had a lot of buildup on my scalp and eventually I got seborrhea. Although, I did read that it takes a solid 6 weeks to fully transition to baking soda and ACV routine.

    This girl had an interesting story to tell. My No Poo Shampoo Story, I Went Shampoo Free & Took Pictures

    Although, I think your diet has a lot to do with your sebum secretions as well. I know since I started eating healthier, I don't have near as much sebum as I used to when I was eating tons of sugary carbs and what not. I also sweat very easily, which is why I battle seborrhea if I don't maintain a clean scalp.

    There are lots of really cheap CG friendly products though... That come in huge bottles that would last the average person 6 months to a year depending upon how often they wash and how much hair they have. Down Under Naturals Nude conditioner comes in a massive (1 litre or so) bottle for around $4 and even though I have tons of hair it still lasts me about 8-10 months.
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    I went water-only for a while, and I considered myself as having oily hair when I did it. I switched over gradually--I first changed to a really mild shampoo that was very moisturizing, and then I started cutting back on how often I washed my hair. I used to wash every day, so I would cut back to every other day, then twice a week, etc. It took me probably a few months to transition completely.

    I had to do a few things to get the water-only to work for me. I used a good stiff boar-bristle brush every day, morning and evening, to spread the sebum along the hair shaft, and I would wash the brush with shampoo every week because it was so dirty. (This was before I realized that you weren't supposed to brush wavy hair.) I think that you could skip the brushing and instead massage your scalp very well with your fingertips and then try to spread the sebum down the strands with your fingers. (I think they call this preening; you might be able to find some examples on Youtube.)

    When I did the water-only wash, I would have to use water as hot as I could stand, which helps soften the sebum so it can travel down the hair shaft. I would alternate hot and cool water to break up the sebum; otherwise, it just sits near the scalp and gives you that greasy, unclean feeling. Once I felt like the sebum had traveled to the end of my strands, I would finish with a cool rinse. You could condition at this point if you felt it necessary.

    I had good luck with water-only washing. It was actually the cutting back in how often I washed my hair that made me realize it was wavy and not straight. My hair seemed quite well moisturized too. But it can be a lot of manual work, as you have to break up the sebum mechanically rather than chemically.
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    I use a low-poo right now, washing every other day, but my second day is always too greasy to wear it down. Sometimes I let it go 3 or 4 days and it's just up the whole time.

    If I don't use gel and don't clip my hair it is flat, flat flat against my head. I have quite low density in the front, higher in the back. Thanks for your suggestions.

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