Any way to achieve light weight curls?

AyesarAyesar Registered Users Posts: 62 Curl Novice
I have been in this CG journey for about 4 months now and honestly it's not going well at all. I have 2c/3a extremely coarse and dry hair that is impossible to get to look good. I find that if I don't put enough product in my hair or gets frizzy, but if I put lots of product my hair feels so heavy. I hate the feeling of sticky icky heavy product filled hair, but I don't know any other way to control the frizz.

I go curly most of the time but sometimes I wash my hair and comb it out and out it up in a bun because I don't want to deal with it. When I do that I don't out any product in my hair and my husband says my hair looks best like that when it's wet. As soon as it starts to dry it goes crazy.

What I'm trying to ask is, is there any way to manage frizz without weighing down hair? I want light hair with bouncy curls and not hard residue curls that are too frizzy without all the product. I'm very frustrated as you might be able to tell!


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    What's your routine...what products are you using? Is your hair high or low porosity?
  • AyesarAyesar Registered Users Posts: 62 Curl Novice
    I have tried to do the water porosity test and some hair sink and some hair float, so who knows! I do find though that water rolls off my hair and that my hair is extremely sensitive to humidity. But products also just sit on my hair.

    My routine:

    - wash my hair, once a week with Strictly Curls shampoo, and once a week with no shampoo
    - condition once a week with an Argan oil deep conditioner and once a week with just Treseme Naturals
    - after applying conditioner I comb my hair and leave it in for a few mins.
    - rinse my hair with cold water and leave a lot of the conditioner in
    - get out of shower with very wet hair and apply leave in conditioner
    - comb hair
    - apply Ion strong hold gel all over hair and very lightly scrunch at the ends (I do not want tight curls or volume as I already have too much)
    - diffuse pointing downwards on hair

    As soon as my hair starts drying the frizz starts on the crown of my head. I wish I could show you pics but I can't seem to upload pics on here.

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