Moist my low porosity hair

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I just don't understand because nothing keep my hair most. I think I have low porosity hair and I've tried different things. Even going to the salon once a month to get a moisture treatment. She said to add water once or twice daily to moisting my hair. Scalp is still dry. I've tried both heavy creams like shea butter and light creams like jamaican black castor oil. Also washed once a week vs waiting two weeks to wash. Nothing seems to help. I know there isn't a one size fits all but that doesn't mean I don't need help.


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    There are several things that you can do for low porosity hair:
    Keep it free of buildup...low porosity hair tends to get buildup quickly. If you have buildup it could prevent your hair from gaining moisture. Low porosity hair would do better with a sulfate free cleanser though there are low porosity folks that swear by cowashing.

    Open up the cuticles! Low porosity hair may benefit from opening the cuticle layer for moisture to better penetrate the hair shaft. This means deep conditioning with heat, warming up your conditioner, steaming, etc. Controversially, some people swear by baking soda treatments but proceed after doing your own research.

    There are so many videos and blogposts that'll give way more tips than me!


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    Have you tried the LOC or the LCO methods? (L= leave-in, O= oil, C= cream) I just experimented with both a couple of times, but I think for the winter I will stick with the LCO method. I even added a light hold gel afterwards to help keep the shape. I'm not sure if it would help, but it may be worth a try. Good luck!

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    I agree with the suggestions of the previous posters. Having low porosity hair doesn't mean you need heavy products. It just means you need products that can be absorbed by the hair.

    I would suggest a shampoo with a mild sulfate for this first wash. Maybe Suave Natural. Or there is always a nonsulfate shampoo for future regular use like Kinky Curly Come Clean. Once that is done, use a silicone-free conditioner or one with water soluble silicones. Leave a little in as your hair dries based on how thirsty your hair is. Add a natural oil over that. I like coconut oil. And then gel. I use Tresseme Extra Firm Control.

    Your products are determined on whether your hair is fine, normal, or coarse. My hair is on the coarse side. For conditioners, I do best with those that feel like lotion and have a thick consistency but feel somewhere between a liquid and a solid. I can name the conditioners I use if you think your hair may be on the coarser side.

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