unhappy with Deva cut

I was beyond excited to get my first deva cut. Finally had it done today and I am not pleased. My stylist was nice and seemed well educated in curly hair but I feel after looking at it that my hair was curlies before! Looks like my hair is wavy at best. I went curly about 2mo ago and my curls were coming back. It just looks ugh now. Is there any hope it will get better with my own styling products/ method?


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    i'd wash and style it with your regular routine, and see how it is. every deva 'inspired' stylist is not the same. also, if you have 3a hair it it was cut short, it might have cut off the curl and will come back with length.

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    Can you take a picture and post? It may be much better than you think :) people could also suggest some tips. Hope when you wash and use your products you like it better. If not call the salon and see what they can do.
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    Have you styled it yourself yet? What's your normal curl pattern? Do you usually diffuse but got only hood drying? Also some people do not get as good results with Drba *products* as what they normally use.
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    I normally apply product, squeeze out excess water with Deva towel. After that I diffuse maybe 75% then finish off air drying. I like Deva products but the ones he used on my hair made it feel kind of matted? I'm about to style now, wish me luck!
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    texas79 wrote: »
    I normally apply product, squeeze out excess water with Deva towel. After that I diffuse maybe 75% then finish off air drying. I like Deva products but the ones he used on my hair made it feel kind of matted? I'm about to style now, wish me luck!

    If I use too much Deva product my hair feels very producty.
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    The deva stylist I went to used a lot of product to make my hair look "hydrated". Felt horrible to me though. Hopefully you like the cut better after you style it yourself.
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    Just wanted to share an update. Still not 100% digging the cut since I have a couple of weird strands that don't curl the way I want them to. I was previously using the Deva No Poo, One Condition and Ultra Defining Gel. When I had the Deva cut I purchased a bottle of B Leave In on a whim and also had a sample of the Super Cream. I noticed that adding those two products to my routine made my curls feel and look better. A few days ago when I washed my hair I didn't use the gel, just the B Leave In and the Super Cream. I'm glad to say I was really happy with how my hair turned out! My curls have spring, they are soft and I love them yay :thumright:
  • Curlybee1Curlybee1 Registered Users Posts: 55 Curl Neophyte
    You can go back so they can fix the few odd pieces, but that's a pain! I agree with Macher- sometimes they use too much product!
  • ExpectoPatronumExpectoPatronum Registered Users Posts: 143
    I never love my hair immediately after a Devacut either. I always have to wash and style it myself once or twice before I'm like WOW.

    Glad it worked for you!
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    I had very similar experience with Curl Ambassadors a salon that uses the Deva Cut. While I had been going to a curly hair salon for many years I wanted to try out the Deva Cut and learn about the Deva Curl products.

    I left the salon with the worst cut and style I have every had, my hair was cut into a triangle shape. The hair had virtually no curl and looked like a wet dog. The whole experience was really bad and I didn't even bother complaining as I knew I would never go back.

    Even after a number of washes and styles it still looked horrible. I went back my regular curly hair salon Jonathan Torch Curly Hair Institute to get my hair cut. I continued to try and use the Deva Curl products for many weeks but the results were always the same a wet dog look with lots of stickiness in the hair and loss of my curls.

    I am currently using mostly all Curly Hair Solutions products and while I really enjoy the result I am in search of new products due to scalp issues. Only some of the Curly Hair Solutions products are silicone free and this isn't enough for my scalp I have developed dandruff and very itchy and sensitive skin and these products seem to make it worst.
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    Got a Deva cut yesterday. This is my 3rd Deva cut. Not that I'm unhappy with the cut, I'm not impressed. Before getting Deva cuts my original stylist would cut my hair wet but seemed to understand I wanted to wear my hair wavy. She would point chip cut and would layer my hair and it looked good. In fact I'm thinking it looked better than Deva cuts.

    Why I think it looked better than Deva cuts? From my experience Deva cuts are uniform type cuts. From the videos I've watched and getting Deva cuts myself and watching our son get them, they are inform. Yes when cutting dry they can cut layers and such but it seems different than a wet cut.

    What I'm saying is I'm a 2b/c wavy probably closer to a 2c but I like my hair a 2b with a free flowing look. Like I said I got a Deva cut yesterday and she took a lot off. My hair was at or past my shoulders and now it's below collar length. The stylist said she was going to layer my hair a little more. When I got home my wife said 'it's the same cut/style'. She was right. My hair is the same Deva type style but shorter. Not that it's a bad cut, I'm having a hard time explaining. My hair is wavy and I'm thinking as a wavy my hair isn't a good fit for a Deva style cut cause of being a uniform cut. Our son has 3b hair and a Deva cut is a good fit for him cause his hair is curly. Unlike my hair which is wavy, curly, straight in some parts. My hair isn't uniform like his. So in my case and maybe a lot of wavy's a Deva cut doesn't provide style. A curly doesn't need style per se cause there hair is uniform.

    It's not I'm unhappy, it's I don't have a style but a uniform Deva cut if that makes sense. The Deva style cut doesn't help to give me any style per se.

    My wife likes the cut somewhat but she calls my Deva cut a 'bob' Where our sons hair isn't bob'ish cause the way his hair falls and it's curly all over and my wife always says his hair looks awesome. Not that she doesn't like my cuts. Make sense?
  • machermacher Registered Users Posts: 1,031 Curl Connoisseur
    Been a couple of days and as I said initially I wasn't impressed with the Deva cuts I've gotten. Now I'm liking this cut less.

    My top is flat. Don't know if with the Deva cuts if anything can be done about the top. I did ask the stylist about my top and if there was anything she could do and she said the only thing you could do is pin it up LOL. Yea right a guy pinning up his hair. She also said she could prob layer it more but that would defeat the purpose of a Deva cut. She would have to do almost a regular cut. That sort of made sense to me because she cut my hair like she would a curly. However this time I learned a lesson. I don't necessary need a Deva cut style. I need a cut and/or style that will fit my hair type. Nope doesn't have to be a Deva cut.

    I understand what she was saying because of the nature of the Deva cut. Could she have layered my hair more on the top? I don't think so because it wouldn't flow with the rest of the cut. Not her fault. Maybe some of her fault because she could have made some suggestions.

    See my hair type with very little work has volume with thick chunky waves. Now that it was cut it obviously has more volume and more defined chunky waves. But I don't think my hair is a fit with the Deva cut technique.

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