Straight/frizzy hair towards my face? Why? and how can i fix it?

I've straightened my hair since I was 12, weekly. 2 years ago I cut down on heat. Now, I only straighten it 3 or 4 times a year and avoid all chemicals too. I always always moisturise and use leave-ins (Jojoba and shea...) thanks)to what I've read on Naturally curly :)

My hair is kind of long, and at the back I have nice curls (they are a little straight towards the ends but I guess it's old heat damage). My problem is with the crown of my hair and the few strands near my face (bangs). The hair there is frizzy and straight. I try to braid it out to make it match the rest of my hair but it doesn't work (it looks kinky instead) and I'm afraid braiding it is messing with the curl pattern even more.

What should I do? Should I cut my bangs?

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