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I have been lurking and searching for almost a month now. I started CG method on November 2. I am amazed at the quick changes in my waves! I actually have waves above my ears now and some real curls in my under layers. Who knew...

In some ways, my hair is better (more wave or curl) and some ways it is worse (tangles easily and feels rough/dry) I think I am doing something wrong and I'm looking for help.

Today I did CO with VO5, RO with Jason Sea Kelp Cond, SM Restorative Conditioner as Leave in (which my hair loves), for styling I used As I Am Curling Jelly and Eco Gel. I diffused a little, clipped for height around the crown, let it air dry then SOTC.

It looked good and felt good. Then, the dreaded frizz set in! The canopy has always been a problem for me, but has improved since I started CG. It has been about 8 hours, the curls are drooping and it feels really snarly almost like velcro. Not happy!

I haven't done a DT because I'm really not sure what to use for my hair type.

Other products I have tried:

SM Curling Milk- tried to use it while SOTC it just sat on my hair and looked greasy, then turned hard and I had to use water to soften and reshape the curls, on wet hair it made my hair flat
SM Moisture Mist- I tried a couple times on dry hair, I was hoping to combat the frizz, it just made an oily mess
GF Finishing Paste- My hair does seem to like this. I don't really know when to use it, so I don't think to grab it.

I'm completely open to any thoughts, ideas or suggestions!

(Also posted in Type 2 boards)


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