AVG: is anybody still using this?

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My friend is getting me a bottle of FOTE AVG. I have never used AVG before but I thought I'd try it for my hopelessly dry hair. But I don't see it talked about often anymore, neither does it have a place in people's signatures nowadays.

Is anybody still using AVG? If yes, what are you using it for? And how exactly do you apply it?
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  • SpiralliSpiralli Registered Users Posts: 3,684 Curl Connoisseur
    I still use AVG. Lilly of the Desert AVG in a tube is one of my HG. It works very for me as a curl refresher, and especially on my ends when they lose curl definition. I think I tried FOTD AVG years ago, and it didn't work as well for me as LOTD AVG. So keep that in mind as another option you may want to try.

    In the past year or so, I experimented with a couple of the Aubrey Organics gels instead of LOTD AVG. They were okay for me but I didn't get the same lasting curl definition or shine as I get with LOTD AVG so now I buy 2 tubes of it at a time. :)

    ETA: I noticed that you and I have similar hair. I'm also 3b/c, fine hair. Not sure of my porosity however.
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    I recently started using FOTE AVG again after taking a break from it for a few years. I use it with the "C" in my LOC routine for both added moisture and light hold.

    My hair is mostly 3a with some b, fine, and highly porous--and it LOVES the AVG!
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