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Sorry if this has an obvious answer.....but....are oils also proteins?


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    Nope. Different critters. But they can and do help each other...such as coconut oil helping to bind proteins to hair. Hopefully one of our sciencey women will chime in and help clarify things for you.
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    Thank you! I was curious because I decided to try a pre-poo. I used the Darshana Indian Oil overnight on dry hair. I washed in the morning and after it air dried it seemed a little dry. I don't understand why that would happen. Any ideas? I have 2c low porosity high density coarse hair. Thanks!
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    Nope, oils are not proteins.

    It looks like that product has a lot of different ingredients in it, it might be that your hair objects to one or more of them. Some curlies have a hard time with castor oil, for example - no way for me to tell if that's you culprit.
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    Thank you! I guess I am happy that I bought the small bottle, haha! I will try again a different day just to be sure my hair didn't like it. If I get the same result, maybe I can try a different oil. Thanks again for the response!

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