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A few weeks ago I went to my usual hairdresser(,after having explained I was going curly), for a trim and a colour.

Since they are a top stylist and are known for their colouring I didn't completely explain just what " going curly meant!) Completely my fault I know but I got just what I didn't ask for
A wet cut, , hair coloured with foils, and brushed till it frizzed for Great Britain, then diffuse dried till I was a frizzy puff ball!! ( husband said " how is it she can brush your hair and I am not allowed?)
Of course I didn't have the answer.

It is only recently that I am beginning to see just how important your cut is, I did ask for long layers but came home with an shoulder length bob longer at the front than the back. Now this did look good on me when I was using SLS and straightening irons alas no more! Ha Ha.

So roll on the google search , and out comes the hair scissors, I have now done a DIY layering, and it isn't half bad, probably could have been more drastic but I was scared I was going to get bald patches ( I need reading glasses and was worried that I am half blind without them,that I might do it wrong!)
Anyway it seems to have given my hair a new lease of life and my face seems lighter too, and I certainly don't look half so grumpy! (all one length seems to be really ageing for me and I look really really like a bad tempered triangle)

Well no more,! I am expecting my curls to feel better and lighter ( it can take up to a couple of weeks for my hair to recover from cutting) even just from thjis little cut, I got a lot of the straggly ends too. So maybe my problems have been more lousy cut than products!

does anyone else here cut their own hair , I think I shall have to carry on because there are no curl friendly hairdresser within 400 miles of here! oops! :evil1::evil1:


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    I do...too many bad experiences with scissor happy stylists, not to mention none who feel comfortable with curly hair in my area! It's really not hard, as long as you take your time, and curly hair is very forgiving with any minor oopsies.
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    I am a Florida licensed hair stylist and I have heard many horror stories from my curly clients with similar disasters like yours. Unfortunately many hair stylists are not properly trained to know how to handle curly hair, unless they have done some extra research or training on their own. If you want to trim your own hair I would recommend following the guidelines in Lorraine Massey's book, The Curly Girl Handbook.
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    I cut my own hair. I used to go to a local stylist and she was really good but it's just easier for me to do my own. I tried a deva cut once and it was alright but I can do the same thing for a LOT less money. ;)
  • 10sylvia510sylvia5 Registered Users Posts: 39
    Hey at least I am not the only one!
    I think I may need to keep going for the colouring tho, I can manage a simple box colour but anything more complex than that and I think I need help for!
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    I do. I last had it cut by a stylist in the summer of 2012. Then I just let it grow long until it was annoying me so I cut it above my shoulders last spring. Now I occasionally cut here and there to improve the style I have that day. I think I can probably cut it better then a stylist ever could (without having a live in one) because I can cut just one clump at a time and then wash, air dry and cut another a day or week later.
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