NO shampoo challenge in SYdney

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In Sydney the ABC is running a no shampoo challenge (just like the Curly Girl regime).

A bloke in UK came on the station saying he has not washed his hair with shampoo for 15 years and he has wonderful hair so the ABC presenter decided to do this and put out a challenge to the listeners to not wash with shampoo for 6 weeks.

We leave messages on a message board telling of our successes or problems. If anyone wants to read this is is the ABC radio 702 site in Sydney, look under presenter Richard Glover, then there are links to the message board. I haven't washed with shampoo for 8 months, but I have been using conditioner my hair had improved but wasn't as wonderful as I thought it would be.

For 4 weeks now I haven't used anything except water and my frizzy hair is now almost boticelli curls, it is a bit greasy so against all my instincts I have been brushing it to distribute the oil just before I "wash" it and this has helped and I have not brushed out my curls.

I love what this is doing to my hair and love not having to use any product (of which I have a cupboard full).

comfort in Sydney

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