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I want a keratin treatment. Can we bypass the flat iron part-that scares me. What is the best way to just loosen the curls. I do not want straight hair.

Someone mentioned Keratin Express. Less intense chemicals. Anyone hear of it?


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    I am not familiar with the differences in brands.  My HD used Global Keratin (GK) on me.

    At this point, I've had 2 keratin treatments done to help loosen my curl.  I think the most important thing is to communicate with your HD and make sure your HD knows what your end goal is -- whether you still want to air-dry and wear it curly all/most of the time, whether you will blow-dry and wear it straight a lot, or whatever the combo is that you are wanting to achieve.  I told my HD that I wanted to still air-dry and wear it curly always, and that I wanted to loosen my 3b curls and reduce frizz.  

    The first time I had the keratin treatment was last May, the 2nd one about 2 weeks ago, so they were 6 months apart.  My HD told me it lasts about 3-5 months.  I am fine with having it fade out totally and have the curl return before I go back for another treatment.  My HD flat ironed both times as part of the treatment. She said that had to be done to get the keratin into the hair.  Afterward, I had stick straight, smooth shiny hair for the initial 72 hour waiting period.  (And I felt like a different person was looking back at me in the mirror; it was odd!)  After I washed my hair that first time, I styled as usual and used a less of my normal products (which had no sulfates or sodium chloride).  My curls were definitely looser!

    The first time, she went easier on the strength of the formula she used on me, and did fewer passes with the flat iron.  This most recent time, I wanted my curls to be even looser, so she used a stronger formula and more passes with the flat iron.  I have to admit I was nervous both times, especially with what my hair looked like after it was blown dry, before and during all of the flat iron passes.  And I sort of held my breath when I washed my hair for that first time to see what it would look like.  

    The very first time my HD did it in May, she was so concerned that she didn't want to overdo it, that she actually underdid it -- when I washed my hair after 72 hours there was no difference in my curl, but the frizz was a bit less.  So we re-did it a few weeks later and it was more to my liking.  

    For me it's been a positive experience so far.  I scheduled my next time for May 2018 already.   
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