Banana + Avocado mask gave me stiff hair

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Hello lovelies!
Haven't been on this forum for a few years because my hair was just fine and dandy with my newfound HGs... but now things have changed!

This is the second time I use my banana + avocado hair mask ( which used to leave my hair soft and tangle free) and I now have stiff, dull hair... what is going on? Could it be from the protein in the avocado?

I even installed a filter in my shower thinking it was the hard water... HELP!!!
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  • RachpreachRachpreach Registered Users Posts: 40 Curl Neophyte
    I just did a mask with banana and avocado and it left my hair the same way. And no change in my hair. It was my first time to do it so I wasnt impressed.
  • fihefihe Registered Users Posts: 101
    Whenever I use a lot of protein in my hair, it feels stiff and crunchy. I'm guessing your hair got a protein overload from your banana and avocado treatment.
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