First time dry cut questions!

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I am going to one of the stylist in my area that I found through the site that knows how to cut curly hair dry. On their page it says to have my hair natural without product. This is confusing to me because my hair with and without product looks completely different. So how are they going to get a true idea of what it will look like once it's styled? Wouldn't it make more sense to cut it as it is everyday? I'm talking I go from hair type 2a to 2b or 2c depending on product I use. Right now I'm a frizzy mess without my product! Is this right??


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    i get dry cuts (deva cuts) and i always go with the way i usually wear my hair, i think that is what they mostly tell you to do. i would call again and ask to specifically talk with the person who will cut your hair.
    maybe they don't want you to go that extra bit?

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