Newbie going no-poo and in desperate need for help

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I'm new to the no-poo universe and for an entire day I've been reading reviews, product descriptions and information about the method, and it's just making me even more confused, there's just so much to take in and so many different products!

I have 2b-2c type hair (I think with the right care it'll all become 2c) with low porosity (I think). I have quite a decent amount of hair, so I'd say I have medium density, volume is usually not a problem for me unless my hair gets greasy or has product buildup.
​I've been thinking of just buying everything from devacurl since they have good reviews and it seems like an easy solution for a complete newbie, but since they're quite expensive I've been also looking for alternatives. Some that seem good are the As I am coconut cleanser and the eluence moisture balance conditioner. Both are significantly cheaper than devacurl. I'm unsure about the gels if I'm quite honest, I don't know if a gel or a mousse would be better for me.
​If there's any other products that you'd recommend me using (clarifying gel or deep conditioning stuff for instance) I'd really appreciate your input. If anyone with a similar hair type could give me some insight on her routine I'd be forever grateful.
Genuinely any tips are more than welcome :) thank you so much


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    I have type 3 hair, but I'm low porosity too. My advice it to clarify twice a month. (If you have dry hair then once a week is fine) I find that being low porosity and no pooing, causes build up more quickly. But it's worth it.

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