Awful Haircut - Please Help

Last week I excitedly visited Devachan in NYC for the first time. Having been to Ouidad in the past, I knew what to expect in terms of going to a curly hair salon, but I was extremely excited to check out Devachan since I had heard terrific things.

My friend recommended I see a specific stylist, who was nasty to me throughout the cut. She insulted my current hairstyle, told me I was using the Devachan products incorrectly and when asked, never showed how to properly apply said products. I was practically ignored the entire time.

Worse than the experience, I walked away with SHORT layers around the outside of my head. My hair looks similar to a curly-haired mullet. I have short layers that stick up and out and everywhere. As fellow members of the curly haired community, I'd imagine that you understand how detrimental such layers can be.

I went to Devachan hoping to avoid straightening my hair, and looking forward to embracing my curls. I walked out of the salon in tears, with hair that I now have to straighten in order to look half way decent.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get this awful haircut fixed, or how I can best style?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    As much as a haircut costs there, I'd call and insist that another stylist fix my cut and go through proper styling with me.
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    If your hair is already shorter than you'd like, I would be somewhat wary about cutting it more unless you're ready to go dramatically shorter, or at least cut some of the longer length off to give you a more uniform length.

    For sure, you should contact the salon and let them know how unhappy you are not only with your cut, but with the level of service that you received from your stylist. Maybe they will refund part of the money or offer to fix it for you.

    I am really sorry that you got a bad haircut. It's so traumatizing when you get a bad haircut. I'm sure we can all relate to your feelings.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your awful haircut experience. Did the stylist not see you were upset/ in tears? That is really bad that they ignored you and didn't listen to, and offended the way you styled your hair! I've usually only heard good things about Devachan on here so I think if you contacted them and explained how upset you were by their experience they would be mortified to think that bad word was spreading on the service and quality of their salon - especially on where quite a few clients come from! If they look at your hair and realise it just doesn't work for you they should offer to repay you slightly if you dont want a new cut, or try tidy it up a wee bit altho i agree about letting it grow out a bit first. maybe ask them to show you step by step how to use products to weigh the hair down abit and then how to do cute up-dos.

    It is so frustrating, especially with curly hair, when you get a bad cut. But coupled with rude stylists I would firstly like you be in tears then in hindsight be raging! Please, take it forward for all curlies who go there as if you don't say anything the same could happen again and they won't realise their mistake.

    And I'm sure your hair isn't as bad as you think - not that you don't deserve to complain, but all curls are beautiful and maybe with a few bobby pins you can pin back the stray short layers? Don't dispair! Any curlcut is more fun than plain old straight :wink:

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    I'd definately give them a call. Hopefully you'll be able to speak to a different stylist. If they want you to come back to fix it, see if you can go back at a later time since it's shorter than you want it!

    Good luck!
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    Hi Curls29,

    Welcome to the board, although I'm sorry it's taken a bad experience for you to find it (come to think of it, maybe that's how many of us found it :? ) I would definitely contact the salon so that you're "on record". I wouldn't rush to get a re-cut or style at this point. Sometimes it takes a few days for hair to settle down. I'm not saying you shouldn't be upset, angry, enraged, or even devastated. I've had many tear-inducing cuts.

    Call the salon, but before you do anything, wait a little bit for the hair to grow out so they'll have something to work with the next time you get it cut (sooner or later -- wherever you go).

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    i have an appt. with Kyoko on April 5th and now i am nervous. if you don't mind me asking...who was your appt. with. my fear is to end up with a short layered 80's look.
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    WOW! You would think with all of the hype about this CG stuff, you wouldn't have gotten terrible service from one of the salons! YIKKEEESSS!

    Oh..I would be livid. How much do they charge, anyway, for a cut? I am almost afraid to ask.

    But...yes...if you haven't already, do call them and ask to speak to a manager or someone who has authority to make things right.

    If you get nowhere, helloooo Better Business Bureau.

    Oh, I would go that far. I'm sorry...but people like that really pi** me off!
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    I have an appointment with Robert at the 560 Broadway Devachan salon at the end of April and now I am terrified on behalf of my slightly wavy hair. Does anyone have any recommendations for particular stylists? I would hate to pay $125 and come away in tears.
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    curls29 I know exactly what you feel like ,
    last june i had gotten a cut from a very unexperienced lady who only cut straight hair, I was in tears for maybe months , and the only solution was to straighten my hair!!
    and throughout the summer i wasn't able to straighten it anymore because of the humidity , so i cliped it up half-way , although very little hair remained..
    all i can say is , i know what you feel like.. and take best care of your curls so they can go back healthy , and quickly
    and within a month or two they'll strart to grow more naturally and get longer...
    and within hmm.. 3 months , i say ; you wont be in the same problem you are now.
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    NOOO!!! They do NOT charge $125 for a haircut!! Tell me it isn't SO!!!!!!!

    OMG. I think I am going to drop over! Tell me this isn't true! For a freakin' HAIR CUT?
  • valorygvaloryg Posts: 8Registered Users
    Yes, indeed, $125 was the quoted price for this Devachan "senior stylist". They did not even ask how long my hair is. Apparently, that does not matter. FYI, Ouidad's web site quotes "senior stylist" prices at $135.
  • carrie640carrie640 Posts: 216Registered Users
    That is like...UNHEARD of.

    I pay $28!! LOL! If a haircut around here gets to be like $40, you are on a very high end.

    I've heard everything now!
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    I have been getting my haircut at Devachan by Carlos for over 4 years. I have also sent at least 4 friends there for cuts, and they are regulars now too.

    If you were unhappy with your cut and sylist then you should call Devachan. They are quite accomadating, and should reschedule you with another stylist for free.

    Who was your cut with?
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    Wow i would never spend that much on a cut..i get my hair cut from my good friend that has her own salon , been cutting my curly hair and my whole fams too.. she only charges $15. thank god i love how she cuts my curly hair cuz id freak if i had to resort to alot of $ on cut.
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  • Swirlycurly ChemistSwirlycurly Chemist Posts: 335Registered Users
    carrie640 wrote:
    That is like...UNHEARD of.

    Pretty common in bigger cities at nice salons.
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  • curls29curls29 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Thanks to everyone for all of your support! I called Devachan and went back last night. I have to say it was pretty awkward since they put me with the same woman who originally cut my hair, but after some conversation she set me up with Robert, aka the greatest man in the world! He fixed my hair as much as possible and even though i still have really short pieces on top, it looks significantly better already. I'm so much happier, and would now recommend that people go to Devachan and see Robert. He's even giving me a free conditioning treatment ($185)next time I come in...I'm so happy!

    Moral of the story - if you're unhappy, definitely call and request something be done about the situation. I'm so happy I did. I can once again enjoy and embrace my curly hair!!
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    Whew. I was so hoping that they would do right by you. And it's great to know that Robert is a good stylist, too.
  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Posts: 10,571Registered Users
    I'm so glad you got it resolved and Robert fixed it for you. Stick with him!
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    So good to hear!
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