To cut or not to cut

I'm a mother of two babies and work full time so I don't have the time needed to maintain my hair properly. It's gotten long which has made it even more difficult to manage and I'm thinking about cutting it in a tapered style. Has anyone had this style? Is it easier to maintain?


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    I wore my hair long until my children were small. I took the leap, went in, and had my BSL hair cut into a pixie. It took visits to 3 different salons to get it done. No one would cut it that drastically. I never regreted it. Working full time in law enforcement, having two small children, and raising livestock, left me with barely a moment to breathe. Cutting my hair gave me a freedom I didn't realize was possible. I never regretted it, and I kept it that way until they both graduated.

    While I'm not sure what you mean by "tapered," or what length that implies, you won't know unless you try. It will grow back!
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    I find my short hair is harder to manage. If I want it to look nice, it takes way longer to style. My longer hair was easier to style, it laid nicer and had a better curl pattern, and if I didn't have time to style it, I'd leave it in a braid for 2-3 days, wash it, and put it back into a braid until the next wash day. Or a bun, even.
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    I think it would totally depends upon your won choice and liking that what you are going to do ..
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    I remember my study at college, then I had long hair. but it always annoyed me, I thought to cut the hair was the best solution in my situation with endless homework, courses, internship... I was so wrong... In case with long hair you can always make a braid or other quick hairstyle, you can also (I'm sorry, but it's true) skip a washing, for couple days, 'cause you can hide not so fresh hair in ponytail... definitely, short hair needs more time for hairstyles (blow drying, curling etc) and proper washing on time. but this is your choice anyway, but I understood after cutting hair, that was a mistake that made the student's life harder
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