The evil fairy knots

CurlyNaya92CurlyNaya92 Registered Users Posts: 15
Hey everyone so for about a year now I've been battling with tons of fairy knots all over my hair and it causing my ends to feel so brittle. So I would result to dusting my ends and trimming my ends on a regular basis but no matter how much I cut there's always so many more. Yesterday as I was trimming my hair I noticed the Fairy knots are not just around my ends but up my hair strands and now I don't know what to do! Is it possibly to get rid of fairy knots? Should I just embrace them and leave them alone? Will they ultimatum damage my hair if I do leave them? Because I don't want to have to cut off all my hair just to get them all out i don't even know how they got so far up my hair strands. Please give any tips and if your also battling these fairy knots please share how you handle them


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