To cut or not to cut?

Cassei23Cassei23 Registered Users Posts: 8
Hey guys! So, my hair is 2b/2c, quite thick and relatively fine, easily frizzy, and currently bra strap length with a few long layers. I've had it this length forever, honestly, from the time my hair became curly. But now I kinda want to cut it, maybe to around shoulder length? I'm worried that it'll completely poof out or become extremely unruly and all that, though. I know for certain that my hair isn't the curliest it has the potential to be right now (for a day after i wash it there are 2c/3a curls, until it comes back to 2b). So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice/comments/concerns/similar experience? Having my hair this length is really nice, but super hard to take care of, and I feel like changing it for once! Thanks everyone! :)

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