is it because of my skin?

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Hello guys. I have used several kinds of exfoliator so far, but I think none of them actually exfoliated at well my face because I mostly couldn't feel any difference between before and after using them with my skin texture. I still could see some dead skin cells after using them when I put foundation, and they made my makeup seem so cakey. A few of the exfoliators even hurted my skin while I was rubbing them on my face and made it a bit red. I wonder if these problems were because of my skin because it happened to me whenever I used any kinds of exfoliator. I thought about stop using them, but then what should I do with the dead skin cells on my face? :'( What exfoliation products do you guys use, and how often, how do you use them? Please share your exfoliation routine. Thank you!


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    What did you use? What is your skin type?
    My favorite exfoliators are asian ones. I used the SKII Facial treatment Cleanser for months. It's a little bit pricey but it works pretty well and it doesn't hurt the skin.
    However, currently I use a cheaper one, the IASO triple action peeling gel. My skin is quite sensitive but this exfoliator makes it smooth and leaves it less dry right after then I don't need to moisturize it. You can buy when you go to some cosmetic stores like Sephora but it's I think it's easier to find it through their website Go-isao. It works softly and won't hurt your skin too. Hope you can find yours!
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    I usually stick to St. Ives Apricot scrub because it's rougher.

    How often are you exfoliating? If your makeup is cakey right after then it could be too much. Depending on the grit, a rougher grit should be used once no more than twice per week and a finer grit a little more frequently. If you're experiencing any tightness, redness, irritation, or dryness then you're doing it way too often.

    However, any time of exfoliate will dry out the skin, so it's important to follow up with a moisturizer.

    I honestly don't believe it's necessary. The beauty companies make up this story that you need to remove dead skin cells. Your body does that by itself. You are constantly losing cells and forming new ones naturally.

    ~Belle Bohemienne
    ~Belle Bohemienne

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    Did you use those products with proper prescription of your doctor. If not then you have don every bad with your skin and you should now get yourself checked by a good skin specialist

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