Hello! It has been about one month since I broke up with my flat iron.

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Hello. I'm still new to loving my natural wavy/curly hair and I am so glad I found this site. I'm still trying to find the right combination of products that work for me and I think I will be spending a ton of time on this site looking at all the different products. I think I'm a 2b based on the quiz I took but I could be wrong. Currently using Bumble & Bumble curl concious cream and Don't Blow It and use their Re activating spray for touch ups. I'm still having issues with frizz and am always open to recommendations for products to help with that 😀 I look forward to handing out here more often.


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    Hello! I have found that one thing that really helps me with frizz is to flatten my hair out between my hands as I condition. I really work the conditioner into my hair this way; I think it flattens the cuticle.

    I also find that not scrunching haphazardly when I am removing moisture from the hair helps too. After I've applied product to my hair, I scrunch and hold parts for several seconds rather than scrunching all over my head in a quick manner. This limits the scrunching, which seems to limit the frizz.
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    Thank you for the tips! I most definitely scrunch haphazardly. I will try to be a little less messy and see if that helps. I'll also try the conditioner trick when I wash my hair tonight.

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