New CGer looking for help with itchy scalp

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I have 3a hair and been doing cg for about 6 weeks. Using tresemme naturals for cowash and conditioning and also leave in, and boots curl creme and lush salt spray for styling. Had no issues anduntil about 4 weeks in when i decided i needed a creamier conditioner and swapped to aussie moist conditioner. My scalp got quite itchy and i felt like it was building up in my hair. I tried being more scrubby with my fingers in the cowash but decided it was probably the conditioner i was having a reaction to so stopped and went back to tresemme. Since then my scalp has been slightly itchy and flaky. Can anyone suggest a solution? Apple cider vinegar rinse? Or maybe a low poo every 3 or 4 weeks to get rid of build up?


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    Hi there! I would definitely try an ACV rinse. They've helped me with an itchy scalp in the past. Try doing it every 4 weeks or so and see if it helps. :)
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    thanks for your reply! would that help if it is build-up/ allergy related, or just if it is dandruff?
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    Joannemack wrote: »
    thanks for your reply! would that help if it is build-up/ allergy related, or just if it is dandruff?

    Buildup will need to be removed with a clarifying shampoo. You can tell it's build up when you have a loss of volume, the hair is dull and limp, and if your curls don't seem quite right. I use Ion Swimmers Shampoo, but pretty much any commercial shampoo will help.

    Dandruff is simply a dry scalp. The skin there gets dry then tight then itchy and starts to flake. You would need moisture to counteract that.

    It sounds like you had an allergic reaction, really. You can take some benadryl or other antihistamine if you still have itchiness. If it's just flaky and red, I would tell you to stop using the Aussie and just rinse with lukewarm water for a while. If you accidentally scratched and make a laceration, putting anything on it could make it worse. If the allergy wasn't too severe, the symptoms should clear up in a few days. Once you see the symptoms subside, you can go back to your daily routine.

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    Co-washing did not work for me. After a few weeks, my scalp was sooo itchy and flaky. Granted, I've had scalp issues for over 10 years, so mine may be different than yours. Either way, co-washing made it so much worse than it ever had been, with more buildup of flaky patches than I've had in the past. I was determined to stay sulfate-free though, so I've switched to natural soap bars a few times a week rather than co-washing. I still condition every time I wet my hair (regardless of whether or not I "shampoo" that day), and I just make sure to start the conditioner a few inches from the roots so that it doesn't get on my scalp.
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    Thanks to both of you for replying. I did have a slightly flaky scalp (although it wasnt especially itchy) pre CG but it had been fine for about 4 weeks of CG. I was really happy that CG seemed to have "cured" it! I have stopped using the aussie and i have a body shop rainforest one (i like their intensive conditioner) and i think I'll give that a go and maybe use a shampoo every 3-4 weeks to avoid build up. I cant see my scalp as my hair is so thick and i have just had it coloured red so redness on scalp is hard to see. I think I'll just be gentle with it for a bit to make sure I'm not putting vinegar on a broken scalp (ouch!)

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