Just started going natural, want some tips!

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Ok so for the past 3 years I have been using heat on my hair. The first 2 years I blowdryed my hair a lot! Barely ever let my hair be natural. The last year I've just been full on straightening, every 3 days. I know how terrible it is, but I never truly loved my hair so I just stuck to the heat. Now I'm going natural, it's been 2 weeks already. Thankfully, my hair wasn't very damaged and my curls have stayed! Only 1 part of my hair stays straight, but with some scrunching it sort of goes away. I would like some tips on how to have my hair frizz free and how to regain some moisture. Any products you recommend? Also some sulfate/ silicone free shampoos that work well? Thanks so much!!

(also I'm new to this forum and all things curly, so what is the true meaning of transitioning? lol thank you!):love5:


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    Welcome and congrats on your transition! There's a link somewhere here of lots of different conditioners and shampoos and styling products of various prices that are CG. Check out the newbies/intros forum.

    I currently love the Shea Moisture line. I have also used Spiral Solutions, which I love but is pricey. SM is pretty inexpensive.

    I use Ion Swimmers Shampoo to clarify, which was recommended by someone here. I think it was PerriP, who suggested it.

    I also try to do a protein treatment monthly, so I get the Aphogee 2 Step for that. This helps strengthen hair which is something I'd suggest for you to try since you were a heavy heat user.

    ~Belle Bohemienne
    ~Belle Bohemienne

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