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So I've tried the coconut & hibiscus line, & they defined my curls but didn't give me much volume. I'm currently trying the raw shea butter deep treatment masque & it isn't bad at all. But I REALLY wanna try the 10 in 1 super fruit complex masque. Has anyone tried it? Is it great or a waste of time? My hair type is 3b btw if that even matters.

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  • DrRachDrRach Posts: 264Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm also 3b and I love the super fruit mask. I have very fine, low density, high porosity hair and it is moisturising without weighing it down. Smells good too! I leave it on for 15 minutes with a plastic cap and sit in the sauna. It's in my DT rotation so I don't use it every week.
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  • MyrnaMyrna Posts: 2,472Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I use the 10 in 1 shampoo, I love it, works best for me of the SM line.

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