Too much protein?

My apologies if this is out there already; I searched for protein and didn't find anything applicable.

My curls were falling flat way too easily so I tried Curl Junkie Repair Me. My curls mostly came back after the first try but I had mixed in some regular tresseme conditioner. I used just the CJ repair me last night and now I can't scrunch out the crunch. My hair looks wet. Just deep condition to reverse or is there more to it? I imagine I over-proteined!:/


  • Curls80Curls80 Posts: 526Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    So am I understanding correctly that you did the protein treatments close together? Sounds like it could be overloaded, either from doing them too close together or maybe it was too strong for you because you didn't mix it the second time. I'd lay off the protein for a while and do a deep conditioner, and just give it time I think. Time and conditioner! Lol.
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    It does sound like too much protein. My gets drier and my hair feels fake to me when I over do it or use a protein my hair doesn't like. When it happens I put my heaviest conditioner in and just leave most of it in and I'll pin it up. One time it took 3-4 days to come back. I didn't have any deep conditioner so I'm not sure if that would speed things up or not.
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    Thank you, both! My mind is at ease-I'm just a deep conditioner (or two) away from reversing my over-zealous use of protein!:)

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