Ingredient help:Glyceryl stearate

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I've been seeing this in a lot of conditioners including rinse outs and leave ins as well as curl creams. There was an article on NC about it a while back : What is Glyceryl Stearate?.
Theres no info on it being water solible or insoluble though. Im modified CG and im looking to buy a new conditioner and wondering if this builds up since it seems to be a wax. Any ideas? This is also a popular iningredient in kmosmost new Avalon organics conditoners which ive heard most CG curlies find to build up and be drying. What are your experiences with this while following the CG method?


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    What conditioner was it you were looking at storm? I believe it's used mostly as an emulsifier in conditioners and it looks like like a glycerin/stearic acid derivative. Glycerin might be an issue for the glycerin haters like myself, but sometimes I compromise. If you're modified CG, it shouldn't be much if an issue since you use something to remove buildup anyways. Not to mention, it doesn't seem like it's a cone or anything.

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    Thank you gorfore response. I think it was in an Andalou naturals conditioner and also thr EO produvts line. Almost all their conditioners seem to have it . Build-upy builds up on my hair fast so i worry.

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