sort of new here. any advice?

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I used to check out the site years ago as a teen. But I'm back now

I have absolutely no idea what my hair type my hair is. Very thick. And I have a lot of it. But the curl pattern is all over the place. I've got course waves. And both small and medium curls But they are not big waves the waves are small. But alot of the time you can't even see the curls when its dry because its so frizzy. If I had to pick a hair type according to the chart I would say a mixture of between 2c 3a but course. And 3b. Anyone with hair similar to mine? Any advice? Here is a picture of my hair I will get more pictures another time.(sorry pic is sideways on tablet don't know how to rotate pic.)


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    Your hair looks like it's lacking definition. I'm guessing that your somewhere in the 3 family by the way your hair frizzes. I would recommend getting a hair analysis from Goosefootprints on Etsy so you can figure out your hair properties which will determine the types of products and styling methods that will work for you. What is your current routine? Are you using a gel for hold?

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    Yeah I say way up in threes at least. Any 2 in there is probably from damage. I'd definitely post in the 3 forum for sure. It does seem to be about definition. Those guys will be of tremendous help.
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