Any 2015 Uncurly Treatments?

I'm a 3c/4a girl, medium thickness, high porosity, mostly 3c and my hair loves moisture so much that my hair gets poofy eventually... :angry8:

Last year, I installed some brazilian hair on a upart and I SWEAR the only thing that kept my hair intact was the DIY avocado protein treatments, keeping my leave out from being in bad shape from flat ironing 2x a week. I've been looking into the Uncurly treatment and just wanted to know if any girls with my hair type did well from it (with pics, please?). I honestly don't even want a closure because I just think it wouldn't look natural and I've researched some products (like the keracare wax stick and e'tae) that would help keep it tame.

It's fall again and I want to protect my hair a little bit better. My hair likes protein, so I know that the keratin won't be too much of a problem, I hope. I know it lasts a couple of months which would be ideal for me instead of doing the whole Organix treatment.

So, natural ladies, please help!