Spiral vs. Corkscrew 'Curlformers'?

bookgrdngirlbookgrdngirl Registered Users Posts: 403 Curl Neophyte
If you used both: what would you recommend buying? I've been trying to compare reviews on each of these without too much luck! :geek: They're so pricey that I really don't want to buy something that I'll regret.

How has your Curlformers experience been in general, as well?
Corkicelli multi-patterned 3B with 3A & 3C sections. High density, low porosity, norm-high elasticity & coarse. 3yrs without straightening. CG since 6/25/15. Methylisothiazolinone allergy. Protein sensitive. Cruelty free. :albino: BLOG :flower:
  • Giovanni: Avocado and Olive Oil (RO), Tea Tree Sham & Con (CW/RO)
  • KC: KT, CC, CC
  • CR: CM, GR, AWB, Balm
  • CJ: DF, CIAB, SL, CR
  • CURLS: Souffle
  • AV Juice
  • EVOO

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