Alternative needed for B&A gel

B&A gel is my HG but it looks like it can't be found anywhere. Is there an alternative that you're loving?
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    Hi, sorry but I've never heard of that gel. Is it firm hold or medium?

    I see you have BRHG in your signature, which is one I love as well. If you're looking for firm, try LA Looks Sport gel or power spikes. I like both a lot, but the power spikes has a stronger smell that I personally don't love. They are cheap and available in the states. Some people love Herbal essences set me up gel, or Aussie instant freeze gel. Those are firm hold gels but they have a polyquat and some people have trouble with polyquats (I think I'm one of them!).

    I don't know if you've tried KCCC but that's a soft-medium hold natural jellie. Sweet curls elixirs on etsy sells natural flax seed and/or okra gels with personalized ingredients, and they also sell a harder hold gel that is quite nice. Curl junkie has pattern Pusha, which is a soft-medium hold natural gel, and they also sell curl queen, which is a medium-firm hold natural gel. Lots of people have good luck withi curl junkie gels. I think they have an aloe based gel as well, but I've never tried that.

    Ha ha I've tried a lot of gels. I've tried way more than I've listed but these are the ones that stick out in my memory! Lol
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    The Paul Mitchell Super sculpt glaze and Scupting lotion are very similar and have thrtheme base ingredients i believe.

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